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Maraud Mad Phil:
A little topical subject, given it persisting down outside  :rain:  :rain:

Did anyone (else) see the Dragons Den on Beeb 2 last night?

They had a very short clip of a young lad who had invented a Horizontal Wiper for his crash helmet. When you turned it on it fairly slowly went up and down, clearing the water from the visor.

Unfortunately he had only designed it around his specific helmet and it appears had not patented the idea. Too late for that now as the concept is in the public domain  :(

Shame really cos it seems like a cracking good idea  :ok:

the rubber wiper on my winter gloves does a good job aswell don't see them sold anymore though.

yea I got a rubber wiper on my spada gloves I bought the other day

yeah mine are spada gloves had them about two years now.

Jez ZR:
I've got a wiper blade on my Hein Gericke gloves.


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