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I'll soon be getting my first bike but I'm unclear on a couple of things, so I'm sure you can clear them up for me.

1) After passing a CBT are you able to restrict a bigger bike (250 for example) to 125, then unrestrict it after taking full test. Or are you only allowed to restrict bigger bikes down to 250 after passing full test, and CBT means you can only ride a bike of 125 but not restrict a bigger one down to 125?

2) Once passing a full test with intention of buying a new (from dealer) bike, would it be a better idea to buy a 250 and ride that for 2 years, then buy a 400-600. Or would it be better to buy a 400-600 and restrict it to 250 for 2 years then unrestrict it?

Thanks for any help.

"125", "250" etc refer to the size of the engine - it is a fairly fixed number (restricting won't change it).

After CBT, you can ride up to a 125cc on L-plates.

If you take a DAS test (being over 21 years old?) you could buy any bike you wanted afterwards.

If you are under 21 or choose to take the test on a 125cc bike, you wil be limited to a 33bhp bike - which generally means either a standard 250cc or a power-restricted bigger bike.

Which is best is a bigger subject.  Let us know how old you are first..?

More info:

I'm 18, what I meant is - after passing a CBT are you able to restrict a 250, 400, or w.e else down to 125, then (un)restrict it to 250 after passing your full lisence? Or are you only aloud to restrict bikes down to 250 once you have passed your full lisence and are allowed to ride a 250, but not allowed to restrict anything down to 125?

Basically are you allowed to restrict bikes down to 125 with only your CBT passed?

And yeh when I talk about restricting it to a *insert cc*, I mean the power a bike of that calibre would have.

No.  You have cc and power confused.

With just a CBT, the law allows you to ride a machine of up to 125cc.  On L-plates.

As an 18-year-old, you may not take a DAS test, so must take the restricted test.  That means, after passing, you will be limited to ride a motorcycle producing a power of up to 33BHP (25kW) for 2 years.  Often, 250cc motorcycles are produced to meet that power limitation.  Alternatively, you can get a bigger engine restricted so that it cannot produce more than 33BHP of power.

NO. you can only ride a bike of maximum 125cc, with 14.5BHp. with L plates.

Any larger capacity cc, you need a full license. you cant restrict ccs, they are the cubic capacity of the engine on the bike. You can't restrict a bigger capacity engine down to 125cc.

after passing the test you can ride anything you want, providing its restricted to 33BHP for two years. at 18 you wont have the option to do DAS, so 33bhp is the only option you have for a full license.


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